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Monday, April 19

Finally, my BIS is running well!

Days ago, I posted my frustration over Blackberry Internet Service from ST over here and here.

Right now, everything is back to normal!

Picture by Crackberry

You had been warned and aware about the Leaked OS that might cause some instability as stated in the site.

Let me do some simple explanation tho.

I had my BB OS downgraded to .446 and faced the same issue on BIS when using the DM (Desktop Manager). My friend, told me to use .545 OS, which I did. But under DM of application loader, the OS did not show up at all.

And I thought that, why not I use the official .593 OS which been released not long ago.

After loading the application loader, the OS did not appear again! Way before, I had NO issue having the OS been read on the application loader and I have no idea why it can't now.

I searched on Hardwarezone forum and Crackberry forum and found out that I must use loader.exe to install the OS.

Why use that loader.exe?
I do not know as no one seem to give me the answer.

First of all, download the firmware as given on this blog, then run (install) it.

Next, locate Loader.exe at C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\ResearchInMotion\AppLoader

Install it.

You will see your BB start to install the OS.

There might be chances WHY you cannot install the latest OS, or the OS you want.
The reason is very simple.
First of all, remember to run the installer to your computer and locate Loader.exe

Once you are there, right click and Run As Administrator

Then, you will more thing shown on the window. That means, you are doing the correct things! I had it installed several times but still can't get the OS updated until I search on the forum!

Now, the whole BIS is much stable on my end!

Although, the people in the forum will say that the leaked and official OS are no different at all, but I will urged you to flash the official one. That's how my BIS get it going now.
At least, it will auto switch to GPRS instead of staying put on 3G with BB logo only.

I am happy with it finally!!! But still finger cross.
If you are not able to get back to the BIS, remember to turn off the network and switch on later.
Just before I forgotten:

GPRS is using BIS
gprs is using BBoM.

As stated by one of the forum people.

And, I also found out the reason of my number 6 button!
It is due to the theme that I downloaded!

Finally, all the doubts had been answered!

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