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Thursday, April 15

Headache about BIS and IPT!

At your own risk, download the latest OS for BB9700 from Crackberry now!

If you are skeptical towards the leaked OS, do not try to attempt to download it. If you do anything wrong, that is your own issue and not mine or anyone. You had been warned.

But let me briefly tell you that it is working really fine on my end now. Rebooting seem to be faster than before, and the selection of scrolling tend to shrink down on the font size to indicate what you are looking at it. Of course, it is highlighted too.

After than that, I have come across any major improvement but I do feel the stability.

And also, after having the OS upgraded, I tend to have some issue on the BIS, which I am not alone at all. Some of the forum poster in Hardwarezone Forum are facing such issue. I am at least less worried tho.

The greatest issue I am facing is the dropout connection of the BIS. It only works after I reboot my BB9700.

Oh yeah, to reboot it, press Alt (left button) + Aa (right button) + del. Hold on for 5 seconds and your device is rebooting.

After rebooting of the device, it will get disconnected after 30min-1hr max. No matter what I do, I cannot get the BIS connected at all. Battery pull and off the network done.

I called the ST CSO this morning about this issue and she told me to do a total wipe out and restore it after I backup the information first.

There's a setting: General Setting found under Security Option. But, according to my 9700, there's no such selection for me. There is only security wipe.

Hence, CSO telling me that this phone is not under Hello shop and it is not under their record. I gotten this phone from a ST retailer shop at People's Park. If there's any issue, I must head down to comcenter.

Since she determined that her setting and mine are not tally, she insisted me to bring back to the shop first. If I were to go to Com Center, I must bring the authorise letter from them.

Oh well, as I thought, I decided to do the restoration as the CSO told me to do so instead. Surprisingly, it works for 1hr and the issue come back again.

I have no idea if the new OS is the culprit. I have no dropout after I upgraded the OS last week, it started to become haywire since 3 days ago.

Earlier on, one of the poster in forum told me to use the 2G network instead. OMG, it does work! But isn't that purely stupid to use the 2G instead of 3G? I have to monitor this method and resort to downgrade the OS before heading down to ComCenter this Saturday.


First IPT session begun last night. I was alone and thought it is going to be a damn boring training session until I saw someone familiar! Who knows! My bro in law was there as well! Now I have khakis for this IPT training! To think I have the entire marks as 0! Haha!

There's a new scheme call E-IPT. Training is for 9months and will be monitor by the government. Of course, it is actually the PTI who monitored and you have to PUT in A LOT of effort to train up and able to pass by the end of the 9 mths training. I really wonder WHO will signed up last night.

I am looking forward to this date of training: This Sat, next Mon-Wed-Sat and final day on Mon. Then, I will have my IPPT on May in the morning! This is a good news for all. You can go ANY day you like, so long there's a day break in between. Means, you can clear the IPT within 2 weeks. Just that, you have to wait for the IPPT on the 4th week. No sweat!

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