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Saturday, March 16

It's a good bye to Google reader

So, it's a good bye to Google Reader on 1st July.

I started using RSS since years ago, I stumble upon Google reader and never look back again. It had been my daily routine to read up some blog posts by others - fashion, photography, technology and such.

The outlook may not be the best, but it is the best reader after all.

When the news struck about the closing down, the first thing I locate online is another reader.

After reading up, using them, checking it... I finally can rest my head and worries.

FeedDemon and Feedly are my two readers from today onwards. Feedly work like cloud base, it can detect what you had read, but navigation is a bit tough for me, but the look is so niche and clean. I have no idea where to locate all the unread and read them individually.

Like I had said, I have no time to locate them yet.

Whereas for FeedDemon, everything was straight forward like Google Reader. I like the interface and the look. It is able to tell me straight at my face on articles that I have not read. It took me less than a min to get used to it.

What say you,  huh.

Tuesday, February 5

Nice site. nuffnang

It had been a long time since I was in nuffnang page. I just realised that there are so many cool features!

There's NuffnangX, which allow you to read what sorta blog you preferred. Unlike in the past, you have to manually post it in order to get viewers. Now, it seem like it is auto? Erm... I am not sure of that.

But on top of that, I can see a big changes on their site. The navigation are much cooler and friendly than before. It took me less than 5min to understand the entire flow. Now, this is what I call end user feedback.

By having it so sophisticated, it might look nice in a wrong way. It can be so difficult to use, and at the end of the day, you lose your customer.

I had just claim the blog of this, photography and parenting to NuffnangX.

Oh yea, I had just set up my photography blog , which I will tell you everything about the tips on photography, audio and video. I may not be a real guru, but I am willing to share with you.

Apart from that, I will want to share what are the wrong move I had took for my career. I am literally learning by myself, with a little help from here and there.

Tough, but I like this kinda challenge.

I know I will make it.

Swee lah.

Tuesday, December 18

Am I awake?

I was surprised to see that I have 36261 views on this blog.

Partly everyone is looking for a good laugh, or some information.

Oh yes, if you are looking for some products, like Torco Oil, please come here instead.

All prices stated in this blog had been updated in the new place, so please kindly ignore it. I appreciate that.

I was looking around and whether should I post something here... And there or here I am... another nonsense post.

There are a lot of thoughts running in my mind, and it is begin to spill! Not a good sign huh?

Time is 12mn, and I am still working hard. Delivery of work on time or earlier is a good thing, Client will love you more, but it depend on what sorta situation it is going to be. Stay firm and be more up front; I tend to lose out on that.

Let me think of some post to write and share soon... I shall revive this boring blog tho. Ha!

Meanwhile, please kindly support some advertising clicks. Make my blog traffic high till 1000 views everyday. =P

Sunday, September 2

I wonder...

I have no time to blog as like before, same goes for the kids entries.

Busy is the only word I can say now. After turning full time and work for myself, there are a lot of commitment I need to do, and it is all by myself. Glad that my wife is helping too.

Being an own boss is not a bad idea, depending on which way you want to look at. There are a lot of ideas we can do, but with limitation. There's no shortcut to every path; by working hard might not even bring you what you want.

Importantly, play smart is the key word to survive.

Think business first, creative will come after that. Without business, you will face lots of problem; without creativity, you cannot win the clients over (maybe a little). Which is important?

Let's all be truthful to ourselves... what is it we should look at.

Maybe I should kill this blog and restart all over again... rubbish, I will say. =)

Sunday, July 15

New Gift - Intuos 5

Would like to thanks my wife for giving me such a big present for my work!

It really help me a lot on the photoshop I am using now. Just turn on the review, you will know why Intuos 5 rocks.

I cannot imagine using graphire before, and to mouse. It is pretty pain in da ass because my wrist ache after a long period of usage.

Oh yes, this Intuos 5 size is medium, and I am happy that my wife bought the wireless kit for me too! No more cabling!

The next step is to get myself a new USB hub, there are too many cables dangling around, and it is pretty annoying.

I shall update more on other stuff real soon, stay tuned.

Last but not least, thanks my darling baby for the gift. Love you always.

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