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Saturday, March 16

It's a good bye to Google reader

So, it's a good bye to Google Reader on 1st July.

I started using RSS since years ago, I stumble upon Google reader and never look back again. It had been my daily routine to read up some blog posts by others - fashion, photography, technology and such.

The outlook may not be the best, but it is the best reader after all.

When the news struck about the closing down, the first thing I locate online is another reader.

After reading up, using them, checking it... I finally can rest my head and worries.

FeedDemon and Feedly are my two readers from today onwards. Feedly work like cloud base, it can detect what you had read, but navigation is a bit tough for me, but the look is so niche and clean. I have no idea where to locate all the unread and read them individually.

Like I had said, I have no time to locate them yet.

Whereas for FeedDemon, everything was straight forward like Google Reader. I like the interface and the look. It is able to tell me straight at my face on articles that I have not read. It took me less than a min to get used to it.

What say you,  huh.

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