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Sunday, July 15

New Gift - Intuos 5

Would like to thanks my wife for giving me such a big present for my work!

It really help me a lot on the photoshop I am using now. Just turn on the review, you will know why Intuos 5 rocks.

I cannot imagine using graphire before, and to mouse. It is pretty pain in da ass because my wrist ache after a long period of usage.

Oh yes, this Intuos 5 size is medium, and I am happy that my wife bought the wireless kit for me too! No more cabling!

The next step is to get myself a new USB hub, there are too many cables dangling around, and it is pretty annoying.

I shall update more on other stuff real soon, stay tuned.

Last but not least, thanks my darling baby for the gift. Love you always.

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