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Friday, July 22

A nice weekend

Just before the walk along the train track, we went to pray in the early noon.
It was pretty a hard day as the sun is quite harsh, but the blue sky make me smile. Thanks for the wind too... you bet.

Beautiful hot day to Thai temple for praying. I feel good upon seeing the blue sky.

I do not know what it is call but it is nice to see this with the sky merged.

The Thai temple which I often visit.

Either walk up or climb up. The slope is pretty steep, so you need to be careful when going there.

I just realised I had been posting too less, and same goes to my photos too. No, no, I told myself... I must shoot and post more. Not to gain anything, but to improve in either way.

Stay tuned. I have too many things in my mind that I need to finish up. There's no time to waste as well.

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