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Friday, April 16

The BIS issue

BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) had been cranking up from ST recently. Since 4 days ago, quite a number of users are facing the same fate as I do.

3G with BIS just simply do not connect at all. When one of the forum poster told me to use 2G instead, I am skeptical towards it, but I am wrong! Because it works like charm! But, excuse me, ST... Why is your 3G BIS sucks big time till using 2G is almost perfect for most user these few days?

I am convinced that it is not the Bold 2 9700 Blackberry is causing the issue, but the telco of the nice RED square. They should really look into this issue as quite a number of user had called in to raise this problem.

So, last night I called the Singtel helpdesk for help, the CSO understand what is going on and quickly refer me to Blackberry technician support. I can understand where he is coming from when he thought I am using 3G network only. I am on 3G & 2G network all the while.

I explained to him that, even on 3G & 2G network, the BIS still cannot get it connect at all. He also explained to me about the coverage of 3G... Oh dear... our lovely Singapore 3G is really that lousy till not all area are covered with it?

Let's not talk about that since I am not guru in this. Hence, I asked him this question which he is speechless about it.

"Are you going to tell me that Bukit Batok, Jurong East, Toh Guan and Choa Chu Kang do not have 3G coverage? Kidding me, is it? I am under the open sky and yet I still cannot get my BIS connected tho... You know my meaning?"

"Hold on" as he said.

Coming back and tell me... "there might be issue with your 3G SIM card. I suggest you to change it"

"Am I suppose to pay or what?"

"Ok, I will waive off the SIM card cost for you"

After that conversation, I quickly went to West Mall Hello shop and get it exchange. Within min, the SIM card is activated.

3G with BB logo works fine tho it is a little cranky at the start. Set my BB to sleep mode and awake when the alarm rang. At the same time, all messages come in at one go. I was, of course happy with it for a while.... BIS start to fail again!

Switched to 2G, it works... back to 3G & 2G, it failed... Kinda irritating right?

I was about to call ST during noon time when I saw the 3G with Logo had been there for 2hrs at least... I can BBM! I did a check on the service status under manage connections and it is connected.

(Just when I am about to finish this blogging... the 3G with BB logo disappear again....)

Just to make myself happy.... Thank Pamsong for sharing this video clip in her blog.
Lovely huh? Shall try that IF I can!

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