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Wednesday, August 19

Time to blog!

Yes! I finally have the time to sit down and BLOG! Here's some of the things to share. Remember I mentioned about our car been kissed onto the wall? I guessed that the car is horny, that's why I behave like a pet! Just wanted to moan onto something!

Ok... just joking....

Well... these are the images... have a look..

The wonderful scratches done.

This is the pillar (front) that my car kissed.

2 lot per pillar.

Wifey helped me wrote an appeal letter to HDB and hoping they can waive off the fine that I had just received recently.

Finger crossing....

I had to bring my USB HDD dock with the HDD, the one ADRC returned me after transferring, and my WD ext HDD to work yesterday! This is because of the error I gotten previously! I did some testing like having the folder opened from these 2 HDD and even tried on my internal HDD to see which one cause the error to pop up. Initially, I thought faulty lies on WD HDD but I was wrong until test it at work.

It was 100% fine while transferring my files/folders to WD HDD! William suspecting that the main cause could be Samsung PC Suite program, which is famous for been buggy.That's what he told me. Surprisingly, my WD ext HDD works fine without the error pop up after uninstalling that program! I have to monitor it for few days.

I did some Google check that such error is because of program conflicting. Hoping everything clear up!

I am really happy to have most of the photos transferred. As there are too many of them, it will take me almost a day to rearrange it. Out of 100%, about 5-10% of the photos were gone for sure. I am still thinking if I should ask ADRC if there's anyway to get them back. I am lucky that most of Cait photos are back alive! At the same time, for those that are gone for sure, I can always go back to flickr and get them download to my HDD!

Recently I had been a little boring and thought some stuff to play around. All thanks to my intern, Jared, who gave me such idea. HAHAHA...

So... what is it?
Simple! It is acronym!
And... what is it so fun about?

I often see T G I F and thought that why must it be just Friday and not the rest of the days? Are they left alone or what? C'mom... let's have fun instead. I have yet to think of Thursday acronym. Let's look at the past few days I created and ask my coll/ friends to think on both my Tweeter and Facebook.

Oh Fuck! It's Monday!

Damn! It's Still Tuesday!

Hurray! It's Finally Wednesday!


hanks God It's Friday
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