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Friday, August 14

It's back! I got to pay even more!

I would like to thanks XiuHan and Felix from ADRC who helped me through! I had not check the entire photos yet because I have function to run later. At the meantime, I tried copy the files to another HDD for rearranging and I gotten something real weird!

Everything is fine until I tried to copy my files!

Damn it. WHY! I gotten this when I copy the files over!

Runtime Error!

Program: C:\windows\explorer.exe

This application had requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team of more information.

William told me my Window is quite unstable. So, should I reformat again? I also gotten Boot.ini lost as well. I read about how to fix it but there's nothing much I can do as well.

Bill from ADRC

Paid $813.20 in cash.
Gonna eat grass for next month already.

At the same time, I also gotten wonderful ticket from warden earlier on! I am going to write an appearl letter for the reason I parked downstair. I had to come up to the house and help out with baby items because my mom do not have extra hand to carry the items. She also have difficulty walking for long distance, hence I park to the nearest staircase. Hoping they can waive it off.

I did not get anything from lottery, but yet I kept having my money rolling out! Sigh!

I need to go and pray sincerely this time!

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