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Monday, August 17

Hoping my lowly bad luck fly off!

As my title state...!

Let me point out then.

1: Formatted HDD wrongly. Sent it for recovery and cost me $813 for retrieving back
2: As I parked my car downstair for a while as to get baby down, I gotten $100 fine.
3: While I was reversing the car in the carpark beside Outram OG, I accidentally banged onto the wall!

What a week!

I did not flared when the car kissed the wall,  instead I kept on mumbling about money rolling out again! Got down, checked the car and felt relieved. Only the top tire car body been scratched! It is not as bad as I thought but really low in luck.

I prayed and hope the bad luck will fly off.
Oh yes... I just reformatted my PC (again) because certain program caused some information lost! What a luck, right?

As for now, everything is really fine. (Finger cross)

This morning, I tried transferring my retrieved data by ADRC to another external HDD to back up and it works! No more error from Visual C++! I am overwhelmed when I found our HongKong and family Thailand trip photos!

I shall get back my HDD after this 2 wk of window period given by ADRC. I really wonder how they are going to do if I tell them some photos were not found in the retrieved data. Is there a way or...? Just finger cross first as I hope almost 100% of the photos I wanted are in the disk already. After that, I will write up testimonial for them.

Hmm.. I find that mom is a little possessive towards Cait. Anything always Cait and her. While I can understand that mom dote Cait a lot, but by doing this, she will be spoilt easily. Considering wifey feeling, I must do something in order not to let mom over control of Cait.

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