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Friday, March 18

The lovely iPhone camera apps

Like I said... I must make full use of my camera apps that I bought previously.. therefore.. here goes!

Tilt & Shift
Tilt & Shift from iPhone apps using TiltShiftGen.

The Auto Stitch Pano is an incredible tool!
You should try that out, but of course, please remember to delete away the unwanted photos, lest it will run outta space anytime soon.

The only reason why I am sticking to iPhone is because of the camera apps, it is so useful to me. Sorry, I do not know whether WinMo and Android have them as well, and partly, because I bought them! Let's not waste the money I spent, ok?

The view in my office studio

Great morning, so I decided to snap and snap and snap.... ta dah!
The view of my estate!
How bless that in front of my blk is a field! The weather is so cooling and wonderful!

The view of my estate in front of my house

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