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Wednesday, March 16


I have no idea why I really love the camera apps from iPhone, especially

While looking at my phone, I realised that I have quite a number of photography apps that I actually bought them! Anyway, I did not jailbreak them at all.

The new version of include beautiful added filters and tilt & shift effect too. You just gotta mingle around it tho.

What do I have in my photography apps that is PAID:

As for free:

And my best bet will be and Hipstamatic apps!
It is amazing that include T&S now, I have no idea what I can do for TSG (Tilt Shift Gen) apps now.

Look like I must play around more with other apps too.

Don't you just love the lomo/retro feel from these photography apps?

Building and reconstruct

Tweety bird turn black
Chao Tar Tweety Bird spotted

Dark cloud
Thunderstorm is drawing in

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