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Thursday, March 25

All in one posting...

I love my Blackberry each and everyday!

I gotta thanks my pal, whom I just knew from HWZ, for telling me so much things regarding to BB.

Before I forget, do remember to set your apps usage data to TCP/IP if you had set to your BBoM previously. At least for this case, you are utilising the BBoM of 12GB given by Singtel fully. I just got to wait and see how much I have to pay this month. I dare to say my bill will be a littler high due to changes of plan recently. Let's finger cross about the additional charges.

Blackberry OS leaked had been spread around recently. You can find the information through CrackBerry and... just in case you want to be spoon fed, HERE/THERE you go! OS!
1. Always Backup your BB first.
2. Download the program on your PC
3. Run it
4. It will prompt you to restart your PC
5. After reboot, open your Desktop Manager with your BB9700 connected to it via USB
6. DM will detect new OS found
7. Run it.
8. Approximately 10min+ of installation.
9. After installing, do a pull battery as to restart your phone.
10. Congrats! You got a new OS leaked!

OK, here's some of the review of my own. You can choose to ignore if you think it is load of bullshit. I am not a real hardcore user of BB anyway.

After pulling of battery, the loading of BB is pretty fast as compared to the past. It took about 1min tho... For non BB user, do not be stunned as the old OS take longer than that.
Button and navigation seem very responsive.
Lock your phone on the top of the left corner and you will not see anything except black image. Locking and unlocking seem a lot of faster as well.
Font size bigger.

That's what I notice about the new OS and my friend agreed as well. For new firmware of BBM, it just does not work OTA! I guessed that they might have removed it! Sigh...

Anyway, do remember to do a backup of your BBM as they provide free usage for you. Luckily for that, I am able to retrieve back my BBM contacts!

Love my BB so much now! I shall wait for the new release of BBM anytime soon!

Introduction - Program

BTW, my mister nice guy coll, Jien, introduced me one good program on how to care your system.
Advance SystemCare PRO

Find it not bad and pretty easy to use, hence I decided to share it over here. It help you to clear and fix lots of things, especially the registry part. I guess that I might buy it since the cost is not that expensive, which I really need to care for my PC also.

Here's one great site I just found through SystemCare program.
FreeNew is great because in there, you can tick what you want to be in your system and with just one click, it will automatically downloading everything for you! Just imagine, you have 20 sites to go individually for downloading and that really caused a lot of your time. And for this, it will DO everything for you! Cool huh? Try it! You never know about it!

Worst Moment - Surprised!

OMG! Guess what? Just when I blogged about my camera issue, it.... suddenly revived!

Yah... How I wish there's sponsor knocking door on my email.

Alright, I was merely testing on my charger which I firmly feel that it should not give me any issue until I had my batteries charged for 2hrs and the other one for 1 whole night. I had the batteries slot in my 5D and I saw batteries icon showing 100% full! I was overwhelmed at that time and find out that the battery I used had been charged for 2hrs... and it is showing me no error! So, the main culprit = CHARGER! The full charged indicator bluff me through!

Ok, save the money of 3.7K for Canon 5D MKII at the moment! Phew... I thought of selling it off since there's no problem already but one of my pal suggested me to leave it as spare cam... which is very TRUE and agreeable!

Thanks to those who drop me a message about my camera fate... Appreciated.

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