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Tuesday, March 23

One of my worst moment....

Yes... as my topic for this post mentioned....One of my worst moment

I was happily setting up my studio light, background paper, my new ring flash and camera so that I can take my happy little terror portfolio and something struck me by surprise!

Anyway, it isn't much of the sudden surprise I received because of the battery issue and it had been one of my phobia taking my Canon 5D out from the dry cabinet. As you read my blog post before, I did mentioned about the battery issue with my beloved Canon 5D and I had it send in 2 times before to Canon Service Center; the first time was changing of both motherboard on the camera body and vertical grip which cost me $400+ and the second time, they detect no issue and just a fast spring cleaning for me at no charge.

Placing the battery on my charger, it stated full. But when 3 x battery, 1 of them is original canon battery, were slot in the camera, it detected as batter flat and kept flashing non stop.

Hence, I decided to take out my vertical grip and test again.

Yes, it stated as empty as well despite having it charged fully. I gave a huge sigh and decided to pack up the things with my parents and wifey feeling utterly disappointed. No one dare to say anything because I was fuming mad towards this again and again situation.

I decided to have my battery charge for an hour to test if it will be charged fully or not.

But wait a second! Remember my dear O pal, Darrel? I borrowed his camera previously, swapped both batteries and it tested to work perfectly! So I have a feeling that it might not be the charger issue.

I was disheartened and what's going to happen for my photography path? Sideline? And model theme shoot coming up?!

Should I sell the entire stuff and give up? It's not going to be cheap if I am going to purchase one at this moment... family have to come first at this point of time. Unless I win toto...

No wonder Monkey will Po Chai this year... this is not the 2nd time I'm facing...

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