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Monday, February 15

Love my BB Bold 2

I did mentioned about my Blackberry previously regarding to some bad issue I'm facing. Well, I can tell you now that I really love the phone so much!

Reason being: qwerty feeling is really good compared to touchscreen. More accurate and hit on every alphabet button.
Next is the e-mail whereby it will auto receive if there's new mail. I did not use my so-called rubbish email address, instead had my photography emaill address. At least I can get the msg asap.

I was thinking so hardly until I decided to sign up BIS plan of 1Gb.

Here's some plan I worked out recently:
Voice Data (iOnePlus) + BBoM (Laptop 30Gb) = $27 - this is what I paid monthly.
If I had on 3Gb BIS of 24.90, and after the deduction of 30% for MIO HOME, I'm paying $44.50.

If I subscribe BB Flexi Plan with the 12Gb + 3Gb (BIS), total is $48.

I paying less but have more data plan! Ok, do not be overwhelming because the speed for laptop is only 1mbp, and for the Flexi Plan is 7.2mbps.
I shall opt for the cheaper solution then. Unless my BBoM pricing do not offer any more 50% off.

So, why 3Gb BIS?

BIS = Blackberry Internet Service.

In order to use FB apps, BB World Apps, all IM and push e-mail, you must have BIS (3Gb). If not, you can just use the web normally with BBoM, but no IM for ya.
For 1Gb, there's slight restriction like BB World Apps, BB Browser and FB apps not usable at all.

While under 1Gb BIS, you have to use 3rd party browser like BOLT and Opera to surf the net. You also cannot go BB site on pc and send the download link to your email on BB and have it open. It will require BB World Apps to open instead.

Another good thing about the IM is WLM. The interface is good and pretty like our WLM on PC.
BB IM, using PIN to recongise the phone ID is charged under BIS data. I can use the IM any time of the day irregardless the other party is online or offline. It will send the msg over unless the phone is off. It is like SMS tho.

I do have fun with the IM tho.

So, are you still game for BB? Wanna sign up BIS?
I know everyone felt that spending the money on BIS is useless because iPhone can do a lot of things with data plan. CHEAP!
But remember, the battery life and usage are different approach. BB is more for business while iPhone... you know my meaning = entertaining.

After going to HWZ forum, I realised I am not the only one with lots of problem and question. I am surprise to see BB User Group still keep on increasing it's member.

There are some stuff you might have to understand.

BBoM and BIS are different system.
Anything with RIM apps are using BIS data. Which means: Facebook, BB World Apps, all Instant Messaging and Push e-mail require BIS data.
For internet, foursquare and ubertwitter, it is using BBoM data.

So, this is something you have to look into it.

Even with bluetooth on BB is funny. In order to receive the files, I must go to Media folder and activate Receive BT files before the other party can start sending over. More on security issue.

While on 1Gb BIS from ST, you must use Wifi in order to use BB Browser. Once you gotten 3Gb BIS, it will allow you to use the browser. It will prompt you some error and does not allow you to use it.
After I gotten my 1Gb BIS, I noticed that on my phone there's some movement. Clarifying details on forum solve all my problem.

I went to main menu and saw BB World Apps and WAP had been installed immediately! I got a shock that it connect itself to dl it instead.

When you see a BB logo, it means it connected to BB server and data will start counting when arrow is moving.

I can even set my off phone and have it wake up at that particular time. I can even set the clock as bedsidemode, which means it is visible to me whole night and I can see the timing when I wake up. I love the ring and vibrate mode for In Holster, Out of Holster and Always. I wonder how it detect the phone is in holster or not.

Now, I even order Otterbox for my BB! Gonna protect it and get the chrome housing change to matt black instead! Lovely phone!

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