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Thursday, February 11

Revealing my new phone!

Finally I set my mind on....


The ultimate beautiful blackberry box!

Some thing I like abt BB packaging. User friendly for all the plug.

Pouch is nice! Lovely Bold 9700! Gonna find a better pouch for this beast!

Only after getting it, I realise that my current BBoM (Broadband on Mobile) are not usable for certain usage. For e.g.: Facebook, Push Mails and WLM (Window Live Messenger) apps by RIM.

Apps by RIM are not usable on normal data plan, so in order to use them, BIS plan is a must for you.

As far as I know Blackberry is quite-a-niche phone to all. The navigation and response are pretty fast tho. But in life, things are never perfect. Even having the BBoM, I still need to apply BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) for the apps. Which means, with my current BBoM at 30Gb, I still need to add on 1Gb of BIS.

Currently my voice data + BBoM + 30% discount by MIO home, I am paying $27. (This is base on Singtel Mio Home)

If I were to add on the BIS, there will be additional of $10.70. Adding up to almost $37 monthly. Right now, there's a BB Flexi Plan by Singtel.

BB Flexi Plan is 15Gb; 12Gb for normal data usage and 3gb for BIS. 100min talk and 500SMSes. I yet to call up Singtel and ask abt the caller ID.

This is not the end.

APN must set up properly. If not, data that you used will go to BB plan instead. There are a lot of people making noise that the data been charged to BB plan instead of mobile data, which will easily cough up to few hundred bucks.

All I know that apps by RIM are using BIS. There are a lot of question running around in the forum and they have yet to solve it because they have to receive the bill first.

As quoted from HWZ:

We have to divide this into more clear sections:
BB Apps: FB for BB, WLM for BB, YM for BB, Gtalk for BB, Push Email, BBM, BB App World -> Need BIS (Blackberry Internet Service)

Internet Surfing: 
Singtel 3GB BIS via BB Browser and other third party apps
Singtel BBoM or Flexi Plan via Third Party Apps with internet APN

Maybe I will create a chart later on for easy reference for all 

Messy? Irritating? Might as well get the iPhone or HTC HD2 or even Nexus One?
Yah, that's what I thought so. I am still monitoring and gonna try the BIS for one mth first. If I still not getting use to it, I shall change to Nexus One or HD2 instead.

As for now, I have no complain yet. Battery on BOLD 2 are damn good tho.

Another quote about the great Blackberry from the forum poster:

The good thing about Push Mail is:
- Save battery: Mail Being Pushed instead Pulled, in this way: The RIM Server act as intermediary, pulling new mail info from Gmail and Push it to your device whenever its available. Whereas Pulling means periodically (configurable by user: 1min, 2mins, 5mins, etc) it will start pulling process from your phone to the gmail server, this way consume more battery.
- Receive mail faster compare to Pull Mail - since once new mail received - it will be forwarded directly to users. Well, it is comparatively faster, if you set the pull frequency longer, e.g.: 5mins, 10mins, etc.

And how it works on BB mails:
Trust us: 1GB even if you push 1000mails perday stil not going to finish it 
How BB Mail works: it download the headers and snapshot of the content as text only (the first 20lines) (this translate to <4KB for each mail). 
Only when you view and open the mail - it download more content (html). 
Images and attachment not downloaded directly by default as well.

So imagine if you receive 1000mails per day - thats only 4MB - far from 1GB! 
Shall monitor and give my own review in 1mth time later.

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