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Tuesday, November 17

Recalling the memories 5

I had posted a blog entry before over at OZ in the motel. You may want to read it there though I realised there's repetition on the story. But.. who cares...

Here's the photo tho.

Gd evening before we heading to Cambridge Hotel for dinner

200 + ppl in this buffet area. Theres no room to sit and its very rushing to finish the food. The food aint gd anyway.

Our food. Not nice, ok!

Cheong and I quickly get a shot

Along with PC Lim as well.

After we went back, only the NSman stay in motel while the rest went to gentleman club. Almost more than 50% of the guys went and the remaining of us continue the night talking and drinking.

I was so shagged that I never bother about going out to have night talk with the NSF. I was uploading the photos and falling asleep non stop. Too tired tho. End up, after a while, I was awake and head out to take this photo. Pitch dark tho...

Night talking with the NSF as well

And finally...

Ok, finally some decent breakfast! The motel owner cook it! Yummy!

Wen Chong and his food. Thumbs up!

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