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Sunday, November 8

A place of nothing

This got to be one of the boring R&R almost everyone going through.

Yesterday morning, we packed up the stuff and had our kit bag submitted for other people to send it to airport. After doing that, we wait at cook house and wait for the coach to pick us up. A total of 32 of us had to be separated in 2 coaches in 16 each. We have to share with other unit personnel as well.

The first place they drop us at is BIG W. We are suppose to have our lunch at CQU, instead we went to Nandos!

After filling our tummy, we proceed to motel from CUQ. Motel is Golden Fountain Motel. The area beside us are totally nothing, which I told the rest of them that it is a place of nothing at all.

Walked up to almost 1 km, we U turn and head off back. Kok Peng, Sam and Larry went to buy more booze for the night time.

At 6pm, we gathered, board the coach to Cambridge Hotel for our dinner. The bus driver was very nice as he orientated the area for us to see in bus. A pity that the bus driver did not stop to let us alight for photo taking, Anyway, the sky is getting darker also.

Cambridge hotel is located at the town whereby you can have night activities, especially the night club. But the distance from there to motel is about 2.4km by walking and took approximately 45min to an hour. Some of us reckon that Cambridge Hotel have the biggest seating capacity, thus all of the R&R soldier will head there for dinner.

IMHO. The seating area is limited because there are a total of 6 coaches coming at the same time. Long queues were seen and it is almost like eat-and-faster-go feeling. I felt that it is very rush for the dinner. BTW, the food is not pleasing after all. I have to take the beef because there are nothing except that for me! I do not take lamb at all, and even there's sweet and sour chicken, I do not see any chicken meat. Oh dear, CQU is much more better after all.

At least there are pokies  which will make most of the guys head for gambling session.

After the dinner, some of the guys head for gentleman club while we all head back to motel. Everyone drank and have fun since 9pm till 12am. I was so sleepy that I cannot tahan it anymore while uploading the photos flickr. I will try to link it later on as there are not enough time for me to do now.

Larry and Sam were damn drunk and talk a lot of funny things non stop. The most funniest I heard from Sam: Why are there cartoons on Cartoon Network? Both Kok Peng and I kept laughing non stop.

At least, everyone did have their fun, enjoy the entire trip. It is a paid holiday though. My jean is loosen now as well. Cool huh?!

We have great breakfast earlier on! Noodles and look a like lasagane egg. Delicious than CQU big time.

All of us will check out at 10am and there is still an hour plus left to rest before heading to Yeppoon beach. I spent the money unknowingly till I have to borrow AUD50 from Larry.

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