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Tuesday, July 14

William SOLVED my problem!!!

You read it previously.

Now, let's cut the bloody story short as sweet as like a candy!?!

Before heading to Sakae Sushi for lunch in Funan, I went to SouthAsia Computer store to change my USB HDD dock! And what's the outcome??? ~laterz...~

We didn't managed to have good and peaceful meal at all... Why? Read on!

Smiling to cam with Cait at the back resting... (she didn't!!!)

Wifey and Cait with the big bowl of ramen! Woo!

So... the problem.. how?

I took half day to Funan and get my dock changed. Meanwhile before going off, I was talking to William via MSN and I realised there's one thing to take note for my printer!

What is it?

The answer will be....


Good bye faulty cable given by HP! Pissed me off totally!

For just printer to my router, I need 15m of Lan cable! OMG! I need a shorter one, but I hope it works for me!
Luckily I have Belkin Lan cable at hm to try out...

I had the installation removed and thought of reinstalling again when I get back home.

But I do understand that by plugging the cable into the router, my port 2 should light up but, there's no light at all until I used this belkin cable. Immediately there's light shine up!

Installed and tried...

GOOD to go!

William also remote in my Mac to configure the printing thru IP. After 10min, it works flawlessly! Finally I can print stuff from Mac to printer wirelessly via router! Hurray!
And my USB HDD dock....

The moment I attached the USB, no pop up msg found. To ensure it is in, I went to device manager to confirm this USB mass storage is detected. (Yes, it does)

Next step, plugging my HDD in and holding my breathe when I turn on the power....

Great! I saw HDD detected on PC and felt the disk movement in the HDD!

My USB HDD drive works! Happily transferring items from WD ext HDD to my Seagate HDD on dock. Both 1TB! haha

The amount of papers that need to be shred!!!

A lot huh!!! My poor scrapper got to work hard once again!

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