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Monday, July 13

My weekend is busy and quite a spolier tho...

It is hard for me to do some blogging over the weekend as I am really damn busy with so many stuff!

Just take Saturday for an example, wifey and me went to buy some items at Funan from Cybermind for my 2nd 1TB Seagate HDD, a Photoshop book from Computer book store and huge purchase from SouthAsia.

There you go....

There goes my saving this month... (again)

I cannot resist on this book... so... I bought it to learn more

I know I know... I should save and I am aware of that due to my previous posting on SAVE SAVE SAVE.

Photoshop book is $55 (Usual price $61) I didn't know until I paid. Always wanted to learn more.

Bought HDD because of my space is running very low! As to save more, I decided to go with USB HDD dock.
Seagate 1TB HDD is $139 and dock station is $50.

Another huge purchase... as you can see. Printer! Come along with fax, copy scan and print! Yes... we been deciding to buy since 1 yr back and due to high working load from wifey, she decided to get it and of course, we share. A very good printer, fast and nice on print out.

But... I met some issue! I tried on Saturday night to hook up it but... I can tell you this... FAILER!


Mom suddenly got call back to work (again) because of her coll! She said, this week start changing without any further notice, so mom had no choice.... rush down immediately to her workplace. Luckily I am around to send her.

I took over dad to feed Cait when I got home, so that he can do other house work.

After feeding, I went to start the installation of printer and test my USB HDD dock before I went to attend to Cait.

I did some housework by cleaning floor, wiping off dist and did a fast photoshoot for my group in facebook (Challenge Your Photo)

Here's the shoot.

Pen n Pencil
A trial by me doing pen and pencil shoot with their body changed.

I used 3 hrs to do just that.

I have no time for gaming at all because there's more important things to do! I also clear up the bills which need to throw/scrap off. Thanks to wifey for helping me to clear off and slot in the bills properly at night.

Papers.... bills... etc... throw away!

Stacks of Credit Cards envelope holder. I cannot imagine I had so MANY cards... of course, with wifey too..

I have a lot to shred off!

Outcome for my items!

In short, my printer does not work well with network!

Reason for me to use network: I need to print stuff from my Mac via wireless connection to router. I had it reinstall 3 times and weird, the PC seem not able to detect my printer via network!

Initially, it did works fine but after testing and mingling around. Oh no... never!

I am not a network guy, so spare me, pls!

Since this printer allow faxing, I had the telephone line from socket to machine and ext out to my modem. I had been told not to do that because printer itself do not have low pass filter and I will get distractically drop in speed from 8mbps to 3 to 1 even! William told me to use the spittler which should have ADSL and phone indicated. Luckily there's one in my house!

Before doing that, I even use dual head phone socket! Which I been scolded for using that. Well... I really do not know tho...

After fixing that, it works like charm!

But my printer.. however, does not work for networking after just 1 successfully try.

William and my other friend tried helping via remoting... no use...
Set the IP on printer...tried to ping it...still no result.

Reinstall, network printer not found.

Now... I am stuck!

I have to take 1/2 leave to head down to Funan to get my USB Dock change.

Seriously... I have a lousy day with electronic failure...There goes my weekend!

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