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Friday, July 17

To improve your blog traffic flow

I explained before on how to improve your blog traffic.

Here's another way which you might want to consider. It is nothing hard but depend on what subject you want to write about it.

It could be just a short guideline? Topic? or... etc... but it must be related to something.. (going to show you )

Do not worry, this is not a virus site after all.

What you got to do is to look at the popular search by other people around the world. So, base on that, you might want to write something related to the search people are finding.

Of course, you can write anything you want, it is your own control, not mine! I just share this when my pal, William, told me about it.

But of course, do not force yourself real hard to write something when you have no idea. It is updated everyday and you can backdate to check on some interesting search too.
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VH said...

Good suggestion!

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