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Thursday, June 25

How to earn more money on blog

Been reading up a lot on making money on blog and indeed there are ways of how to get your blog have a lot of traffic.

Traffic is important because it determine how many people actually drop by your blog to read. Be it any post, so long there's viewership, it means there's traffic.

First of all, get your blog set up and start to get some Ad onto your blog. So, what kinda Ad do you want? Perhaps the most easiest will be Google Adsense, or rather NuffNang. After doing it, and of course, you do want people to read it so that they might be interested in one of the ad on your ad showing on your blog. Each click means you get paid. There's limitation of how much you can cash out. Maybe 50USD or 100USD.

As Noel, William's friend ever mentioned, sex sell. If you are not shy about putting Sex banner on your blog, do it by all means. When I talk about that, I meant Adult Friend Finder or Passion.

Have it all over your blog so that people will see and click. If you have low traffic, try harder. If you still need helps on how to improve your blog etc etc etc... perhaps this is suitable for you.

So, what kinda blogger are you in? You should focus on what you want to write. It can be anything, simple reviews, things you like and many more. When you wrote about certain things you like, consider by linking them up. You will never know the company itself knock on your door and post their ad on your blog.

From there, you are one step even closer to earn more money. To be frank, I earned less than S$3 in nuffnang but I do have others ad running along too. Like Asiafriend Finder and Giganews ad.

There are of course many ways to promote the link... perhaps some tricks tho.

It is not so hard to earn little money at the initial stage. Just that most important is to spread your blog around. Have it link in any social network you are in. Say, Facebook, PcitureSocial, Multiply, MySpace, MSN, forum signature and many more...

Curious people will click and look at your blog.

Remember, this is internet, so you had been warned to get negative comments from some others out there whom you do not know at all once you have your blog been publicise. Patience is the keyword of everything when earning money, so have faith and believe yourself.

Do not push your too much when some other bloggers earn thousand over, there's no need to compare. Be yourself and be confident on your blog post.

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YieTze said...

Sometimes , help from friends also Very Very importand !!!!

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