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Sunday, July 5

Guideline after getting your stuff

I mentioned during my old post about getting notice, right? Now I shall reveal it. Usenet server approached me to give a try on their server. I agreed because I am not exclusively signed. What I am doing is to provide more information to people who is interested. I am just a reviewer who love to share information, but end of the day, it is your call.

There are a lot of usenet server out there and base on what you should look, that is your call. Which is important?
-Usetnet provider
-Retention days

Each have their own good point. For now, I am not talking about usenet server but aftermath.

Please bear in mind that nzb server is payable and it is not free at all. Take nzb as torrent, you need to go to the site and find what you want and download that.

After getting your nzb file, you need a program to 'talk' to nzb files. Altbinz and Grabit. They will get the nzb files to connect to the server you subscribe to and get it download. They have the stuff you want in their server.

Just make sure how many retention days does your server provider have. If they have up to 300 days, it means you cannot get stuff after 300 days, because the server will delete it off to have new stuff in it.

When you had gotten your stuff, there will be a lot of rar files found in the folder. Why is that so? Here explain clearly. It is meant to make is friendly.

For a 40Gb of items, be prepare to see approximately 180 -200 over rar files.

And how do you do it? Highlight all of them, right click and click extract to.

In a folder, you find even find weird extension like: rar.1, rar.2 etc... These are the one you should not select them at all.

My usual practise is to open just 1 rar file, up one level and highlight them before extract it. Here's some screenshot.

After opening the 1st rar, click the following button: Up One Level.

After up one level, lots of rar seen

Highlight all of them with the ending of .rar extension and click Extract To button.

It will start reading your files.

In order to prevent time waste, please use QuickPar to open par2 file to check which are the incomplete or errors file in it

If you gotten some Par files downloaded. you are lucky, because they can help to fix the error you face. If you only have 1 par downloaded, chances of fixing is almost to zero.

That means you got to find another source.

For an example taken from other site.

A good Result:

A Bad result:

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