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Wednesday, July 1

Blog more to get notice!

Blogging is never boring! But it also depend on what you are talking about it. As I mentioned in my past blog entry, traffic is very important. So what you gonna do is to talk about things that you like a lot! Not to forget, you must link it!

Do make sure you have your wording spell correctly so that when the people elsewhere is doing some google check, they are able to find out what you are promoting for. Of course, you do not just stop at 1 time promoting but few.

Happen this way that someone, which I do not intend to spell it out right now, knocked on my email door just yesterday! There's trial usage for me and if I like it, I can join their affiliate program! That means, Ads on your blog! It show that your blog had been noticed when the people wanted to put Ads. Isn't that a good start now?

Promote and blog more positively is the key word. I am still trying hard now.

Not to forget, do some simple review too! You will never know who will knock on your email door the next time!

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