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Sunday, July 26

Delicious Tau Sa Piah

After going to ION Orchard, wifey and I decided to go to the famous Tau Sa Piah stall at Balestier which her friend told us about at TMC before. It is just opposite only!

I missed the opportunity to buy during wifey stay in TMC, so I insist of getting it yesterday as we were around the corner. Wifey went to check out but to her surprise, there were approximately 20 peoples queuing up! Since the wait is going to be long, I parked the car elsewhere and head up to join the queue.

We queued up nearly for an hour to reach our turn. As not to waste the effort, I ordered 20 pieces of salty and sweet Tau Sa Piah in box of 10 each. Their expectation is quite high tho. For those that is not baked nicely, they charge $0.40 each, which is $0.20 cheaper. I heard it when the auntie told the customer that if they mind as the piah does not look pretty. Just to confirm the amount of piah, I also asked if there's 10 in a box and she told me as well that since it does not look pretty, so charge $0.40 instead.

Taste great anyway! Worth the long wait! No wonder aunite pack slowly as she is choosing the beautiful one for the customer.

Wonderful Dou Sha Bing!

Long Fa Dou Sha Bing from Balestier. Q for 1hr and finally gotten 10 salty and 10 sweet flavour! Yummy!

Nice nice nice! Drooling!!!!

Oh yes, they do not have franchise. The only shop located at Balestier, opposite TMC, beside the Singapore Pools. Look out for Long Fa.

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