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Sunday, July 26

Impression on ION Orchard

Been curious about ION Orchard, I brought wifey and Cait to check out the whole area.

Concept is nice and the whole place is rather niche and beautiful.

As the area is rather new, you will see lots of crowd everywhere, from the top till the basement area. Level 5 and above is carpark, whilst the basement is connected to MRT. So this place will definitely bring in a lot of crowds.

Having most branded shops locate in one building make the whole environment different. Some of my friends even said that it is more for the rich. Of course, also for those who love and are able to afford branded stuff.

I do like branded stuff as well, but not to the extend that I must have it.

OK, there's some minus area I seen.

I dislike the walkway at ION Orchard because it is small and squeezy.

Resemble Vivo City?

One of the place I kinda dislike. B4. Squeezy and all the shop cluster side by side. NO room to eat the food too, the idea is buy and go tho... I wonder how it will be after the hype up for ION Orchard after few months later.

Interesting ceiling traveling down to B4. (Ok.. Im going up)

Too many ppl. I cannot have a good shoot tho

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