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Friday, June 12

Rants of the day!

There's some serious commotion going on between the forum posters which result some sub standard handling. While some are just out to have fun, minority felt that it is stupid and irritating because of the starter. I do agreed that the person behaving is a little out of hand but it is of no harm at all.

When the fan club started by the poster, lots of people come in the thread and have even more fun together until one of the days that actually blew everything up. Thread had been closed without warning and due to that case, the original poster went on opening a thread asking why is it close. Suddenly, some of the peepz that do not post so much come in and make a lot of noise. There are alot of sub standard between the poster and the mod, mainly because they are friends to each other.

In my view, if you are there to ask about car things, forget it, because 8 out of 10, you get rubbish answer by the same group of people who in fact making the thread went haywire after all. Do go to the specific car make forum for better answer and faster response.

I am not revealing the forum name because I do not see a need for me to advertise them anyway. Now, there's a funny chit chat forum whom started by this original disturbing guy, so how call AhGongWolve forum. Post all your rants and chit chat whatever you like.

Do you stay so serious in a forum? Anyway, that forum is going down hill because of the TCSS thread.

I had been quite busy recently because of the NMT. I shall do a light writeup on my baby blog tonight because there are some photos that I wanted to show too.

For NMT, please refer to this thread which I had just set up with full question and answer plus guidelines. It is not an easy task to do it because there are quite a lot of fill it in.

I managed to work on my NMT, so the batch of WD10EADS-65L5B1is indeed working fine. Had it run overnight for transferring and still working seriously fine. Just that, NMT went on to sleep, so patience is the word while waiting for it to wake up. Sunblock told me that he was too impatient and scared, thus did the same as me by turning off and on the machine.

Currenly I am facing some internet issue which I am still unable to connect to the net. I cannot do a full review yet because I had no fully utilise it, for instance, MyiHome for watching rmvb shows and setting up my jukebox. Once everything is up, I will then do a full review about it. So, do stay tune.

I am still waiting for some help tho.

Oh yes, Giganews got me back. As I mentioned before, they wanted to pay me. Right now, a guy named Stephen been aliasing with me about the ads on my blog, which I am very glad. More information to come when they approve to put ads on my blog.

One thing to note.

My pal had been found out by Compass that he had been using the music on his video. So, for those people who are still having music, video with unauthorise usage of music material, take it off NOW. My friend had no choice but to get everything off from his wedding business blog. That's not all, they will backdate when you host the video and make a record. Cost: around $100/song.

So, if you hate the person so much, this something you can do. Sabo that person. =P

That is one reason why my blog had no music at all. If there's loops running, it will be purely my own music.

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