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Thursday, June 4

Movie collector and my plan for wkend!

Thank you for dropping my blog and read some of the interesting... or rather... boring stuff I wrote.

I had a great smile on my face because someone is paying me for blogging about them. Seriously, I had no idea this will happen, but I shall reveal it later when everything finalise. Do stay tune.

Are you a great movie collector? If you are, and having so many titles in your shelves but tend to forget whether does this title of movie is in your collection or not. Maybe Collectorz Movie is suitable for you.

It is easy to arrange and best part is that you can get the information from IMDB! Any information from IMDB, will be transfer to the Collectorz Movie. Try the trial which offer you 50 titles to start with, and if you hunger for more, purchase it!

And if you are a pure JukeBox lover on NMT, this is what you need. Everything from Collectorz Movie will be in Movie JukeBox. It is easy to view too. Everything seen from IMDB, appear on Movie JukeBox. That's why you need to have the network to access your NMT for updating.

I had not try that out yet because my NMT Elektron 606 is not here yet, which I am looking forward to this Saturday, if there's any possibility!

Since I be working this Saturday, I can drop by to SengKang to collect Duragloss claybar from Benny. A pity that he had stop detailing for people now, wondering if he is doing any detailing that day. My car badly need the polishing service!

I am quite worry about this Saturday recording because of the door. Our company door did not open, even using remote to disarm the lock is no use at all. So everyone had to proceed to ShengSiong to have breakfast and wait till the door had been fix.

Terrible security lock from them. Heard that they finally change the system board, which everyone is finger crossing! Thought that there will be a self declare day off, but too bad! LOL.

It is going to be really busy Saturday for me! Collecting and passing of items, going to AMK to buy diaper bag and maybe Tampines One for shopping.

Cait need a new cupboard! Her clothes... OVERFLOWING!

Oh yes! Canon just sent me a SMS that I can go down and collect my camera anytime! Guess what? $0!!!

Maybe I should call them to get it clean up! I hate it when I got to take leave to collect my camera.

I am looking for studio rental for some photoshoot. Anyone care to help? I appreciate that.

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