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Wednesday, May 16

The tragic accident

The recent car accident between Ferrari and the Sonata cab had brought up a lot of hype around the news and social networking.

The most disgusted that I read in forum was a guy who robbed the injured passenger in the cab!

Further to add on, one netizen also blamed on the cab driver who start off fast upon the green light; isn't the driver  suppose to check the traffic (left and right) before moving off.

With this comments given, I guessed that netizen have no sense on what is actually going on at all. Coming at such high speed from Ferrari, the driver would have came from Illuma, then beating the red light, and where the accident had been occurred.

It is not as if the cab driver had some sorta long distance eye power. How would he anticipate the oncoming car at the speed? If he know, such tragic accident will not happen at all!

By checking left and right, yes a must to do that, but isn't the car supposed to stop at red light instead of beating it? Everyone will have the mentality that the vehicle will come to a stop, be it whether it is going to do an E Brake or not. But at that speed to stop, the chances of hitting the cab is still very high. But, maybe smaller impact? It is hard to say.

So, what rights do that netizen pointing the deceased cab driver is in wrong when the video already shown that all vehicles in that lane have the right of way? It is show as green, means you can move off.

It is horrifying and heart pain to see this car crash from another fellow cab driver, who had the DVR installed. At least, this cab driver is able to provide some evidence! 

Thanks god that he and the passenger are safe. If they were in line with the other cab, I am pretty sure that the injured and death toll will rise.

Rest of the comments, I do not want to say on any further.

There will be a lot of debating between the two class and nations. Surf on forum, you find a lot of ridiculous comments. Read on this morning Strait Times as well, there are fellow people from the same nation are disgusted as well.

Rest in peace,
Cheng Hock Teck (cab driver)
Shigemi Ito (passenger in the cab)

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