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Wednesday, May 23

My graphic went bonker

Goodbye ATI, hello nVidia!
Bye ATI and Hi nVidia

After having so many issue with my PC, which caused the BSOD and such, I am quite determined that this is due to my graphic card.

Thanks to my two buddies who mentioned that my graphic card ram might be causing the main problem, and I also saw on the BSOD message that it did stated display driver etc...

Today, I went to Ban Leong and had my card check. I was hoping for one to one exchange until the nice CSO told me that it only happen for card that is not more than a year. Apparently, my card was bought on the year of 2010 Oct, so there's no chance at all.

However, I was given a choice to send this card for RMA, which is located in Taiwan. Most probably the waiting time will be 4 weeks to 6 weeks!

Oh dear, I said. I need it for work! But there's nothing they can do because there's no stock for them as well.

Taking a deep breathe and I agreed upon sending for RMA, and what they counter offer me is to rent me a card. And the CSO said that, the card is not the top notch and not suitable for doing any production stuff. Hence the new graphic card kicks in.

I definitely will sell it off once it is back in Singapore.

So, my wife and I went to Sim Lim Square. According and swear by many, we went to PC Theme and found out that, most of the card that I wanted are either too low spect than my current ATI 6870 by Powercolor, or out of stock.

Hesitating for a long time, I decided on Palit GTX 670 by nVidia. Reason being: GTX670 is consider an upgrade from my 6870, and GTX560 are consider on par or slightly below than the ATI I am holding on. The price isn't too nice either. I got it at $568 for it.

Looks pretty good

Asus and MSI GTX670 had went out of stock for 670 series, and the only left is by Palit.

ATI is definitely out for me. Accordance to the guy at Ban Leong, he said that all ATI do have issue with the error message popping out on driver had since stopped working had responded (IIRC)

Furthermore, I am quite a fans of nVidia since back then, and this time round, it is my second bad experience with that manufacturer.

Right now, I am running this graphic card, and it should looks and feel good too.

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