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Tuesday, April 24

Loving what I do

It had been a long time since I last sat down in front of my computer doing some work - photos related.

I felt happier doing things that I like/ love a lot, despite losing of sleep tho. I guessed that goes to lots of people out there as well.

Although this is not a paid job, I felt rather relieve helping out doing the photo montage for my coll, whom is going to get marry in a week time. Yes, now then he ask me for help. But of course, taking this as a wedding gift to him since I am unable to attend his wedding at KL, Malaysia.

Most of the colls from the site office will be heading up! Look like there will not be anyone in the office on the following Monday. Good grief!

Anyway, I am unable to finish the task due to lack of certain requirement which I will continue tomorrow. This is interesting, he was asked to place 2 songs on his photo montage; typically in Singapore, we use 1 song unless client requested.

So, anyone who want to do photo montage for their loves one; wedding, kids or any other matters, feel free drop me an email: boon[at]pboong[dot]com

I will be more than happy to do photo montage for you.


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