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Sunday, March 18

My mind been made up

For those who did not know, yes, I had tendered.

Due to certain reasons, I decided to that so and in search for a new job. Let's hope that I get a nice job soon.

As there are a lot of uncertain, I hope all of it will change real soon.

Mean while, if there's any freelance photography assignment, please drop me an email:

Editorial, food, life style, actual wedding and pre wedding photography are welcome.

For Pre Wedding, if you are looking at stop motion or video, you can consult me as well. This is great for couples whom want to showcase their dating stage rather than showing the childhood photos.

All plans will be execute by me alone. Bear in mind, nothing come cheap.

At the same time, I declare discount on TORCO OIL for the week of my daughters Birthday!

For interested parties, please drop me an email for TORCO Engine Oil - For box purchases Only!
Free Delivery as well!

Thank you

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