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Sunday, February 26

Yah yah yah... I know...

I am truly upset with people who did not find out the reason properly before they start slamming you down right into the drain.

Being a nice guy for too long, it is time for reliatation. I did not sound out doesn't mean I am a sick cat. Before a person can continue with bull shitting and giving long winded story, why not get into business by having it rectify, since the time is running short as claimed?

Initative - everyone love to have that. But, without a proper guidance, things might not turn out as it is at the end of the day. Rather than having it go wrong and get into deeper, rectify fast and make sure there's no redo.

Who does not want the thing to go smooth without any problem?

Anyway, cut the crap out of it.

Everyone is down and kept falling sick. Please do take care and make sure everyone drink more water!

Virus, please get out of our way!

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