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Monday, February 20

The new start!

I am thinking of moving some of the information out from this blog as not to overlap my personal thoughts and selling of service.

I am currently thinking of the new name for the next Wordpress site.

Most probably, by closing down my site will be a better choice since I am currently tied down by my work, a heavy one.

Starting from next month, I will move the selling of Torco oil information from this blog; along with my photography service to a much-and-less-messy blog.

I would like to concentrate on my A Weekend A Photo over this blog still.

There will not be a major change, since I am pretty lazy (timing is one factor).

Do stay tuned on the discount of torco oil soon! A sale that celebrate my moving of new blog and also, my daughter's birthday. A great celebration! Hurray! Details will be out soon.

Let's all stay positive and hope everything will go smooth and wonderful!


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