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Tuesday, January 31

Dragon Year - A Good Start?

Hope everyone will have a good start this year; the year of dragon.

For those who did not know, Year of Dragon will be counted when it is the day of Li Chun; usually after Chu Jiu (Lunar Day - 9th Day)

So, still counted as rabbit year, I did have some cash going out suddenly.

I have have my camera lenses sent out for servicing because of Error 01 code. As told by the CSO today, it is usually a wear and tear problem. Had been using for years since I last bought it.

At the same time, I had my  camera body clean up and upgrading of firmware.

Total damage: $226.

Next: my Seiko watch, which my wife bought it for me; the name of the Seiko wording drop and hang there! Luckily there's warranty, I really hope that there's no charges for this. I might need to wait up till a month for this case!

Next, my LCD TV seem to have problem turning on... it will not start up until few mins later... or kept on going back to standby mode....

Last but not least, my car leather seat... all cracking and torn!

Let's hope it all end here! Hoping this are the cause by the year of rabbit!

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