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Tuesday, January 3

Do it ourselves

Although our helper decided to return to her hometown, things does not change at all. Luckily kids are well taken care by my parents and my wife, including me. The only burden will be: laundry and household chores.

I find that I clean the floor cleaner than her tho. Touched onto the floor, the feeling is so much different from the past. It is pretty dry and very clean. I am so happy for myself.

But this will means that I have lesser time in front of the computer because of housework. If I have to work on it, the time will be about midnight after the floor is clean. 

Definitely, all of us will feel tired and shag; but this also bring some family bonding; exercising as well. I am certain that I will reduce some weights as time goes. But I have to take good care of my lower back as it get tense and tiring very soon. 

No matter what, I hope to do my own things whenever there's time for me. 

There are couples of problem that I have to solve it, but I hope to gain some advise to remedy it.

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