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Friday, December 16

X'mas present for us

I am very happy getting myself and my wife a X'mas present from Amazon!

I had it purchased few days ago via Amazon, had it send to ComGateWay and took 4 days to reach my doorstep (yesterday night)! The total cost: nearly $200.

Simply love ComGateWay because it allow free upgrade to express shipping with discount if using DBS Credit Card. I also been tracking since day one when it had been shipped out.

Since I like to read, and my wife really love it, I decided to get it for both of us. End up, I have no further regret because it very useful! Light, small and less tiring on eyes.

I was so happy when I received the packages from DHL deliveryman. Jumping up with joy, I almost behave like a kid while opening it up.

Our Xmas present!!!

Red splash cover for kindle touch!
My lovely red cover for Kindle Touch, I have no regrets getting this. Light, inexpensive and beautiful!

Kindle touch!!!
How the Kindle is stored. Funny, I thought the initial look on it contain a piece of transparent paper. I tried taking it out if I can. But, it is a screen saver! Look so unreal!

My book light
The beautiful Belkin clip on light that I bought. Something to read without irritate the person beside you.

So far, I am getting used to it. Buying the eBooks is pretty easy, just go to Basket Store and buy now! It will purchase it and load to your Kindle. If you bought from it wrongly, click on cancel and wait for the refund!

That's how it is! Simple?

Nevertheless, enjoy reading!

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