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Saturday, December 17

Management fail big time

Let's not talk about first or third world class transport issue, because when come to electronics and such, there's bound to have failure; depending on when it will happen.

But, with the recent saga on SMRT, I guessed that they will have more problems after problems to resolve the current issue.

My wife happened to be one of the commuters who had been squeezed in between the commuters at Dhoby Ghaut while trying to hop on the Circle Line. 

So, I was wondering this... 

When they knew that there's bound to have problem and cannot be resolved within few minutes, shouldn't they page the system to the rest of the commuters to switch another transportation? e.g. NEL or Buses.

While some had already tapped in and join in the sandwich, you have no other way to escape except waiting and waiting. My wife was so pissed that the announcement had been paged over and over again with the same duration... 10min... 5min... 10min.. 2min... 

So, when the train arrive; door was opened and everyone went in quickly as if there's free things in there. There, it is another sandwich session again. If the train going to have emergency stop, I believed that no one will fall down at all! Yes, they were standing touching skin to skin with lots of body contact. But, surprisingly the door did not close until few minutes later? 

As for the MRT that happened few days ago, I was totally disappointed about the way they managed. How can they allow people to be trapped in the train for 40min? What happened if someone died due to lack of oxygen? Just look at what they did to the glass window, breaking it to let air comes in. This is such a let down!

The driver should be trained to deal with this situation even if it might happened once in a 50 years!

And today, yet another break down? What is causing it? 

Ok, I have my say about this current wonderful management. They going to work till their ass off to get bottom of this issue. 

Good luck

Here's some photo I found from MCF.

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