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Saturday, November 12

Birthday gift for myself

I cannot deny anymore, I really want a new monitor speaker for a long time.

Look like my wishes came true because my right studio monitor is going to raise white flag! The volume went down ridiculously low, even how much I pumped up the volume and push up the gain knob.

Hence, I am hoping for a nice monitor - Adams A5X. But that will be too costly, even it I can get the staff discount from my company! Our sister company is one of the main distributor for Adams - the wonderful monitor speaker.

But, I had to plan properly. Get a small one and budget type, so that I will not bleed like in the past. Hence, KRK Rokit 5!  I am not a professional user; too high end will be overkill.

I went down for testing in Sinamex - the boss was very patient with me because of requesting different genre of music. I end up chose 1 level up because I am using that as pleasure listening as well.

Good bye to my old monitor speaker that serve me well for the past 5 years.

Right monitor seem to die off as the volume is too low.

On my Birthday, I got myself a new pair of studio monitor. A Brand that I thought I will not get in the past due to bad experience.

Now, I decided to give a go since it is pretty good and known to most people. Best yet, affordable and superb sounding.

Welcome my new Rokit 6!

Rokit 6 driver versus TR Event XL 8.

The new placement and look for my working area.

Time to kick some ass!

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