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Wednesday, October 12

Ranting time!

I have a new toy, something that I had been holding it back for a long time. Finally, I decided to get it and I really have no regret at all.

The toy had been up since last Sunday, and I shall reveal it later on with some photo. Let's remain mystery now.

It had been a long time since I rant and talk about my thoughts.

Life goes on, no matter how tough it is, but I do feel that a person must get the picture clear first before starting to feel piss off and make it as if I am at fault. C'mom.. we are all working adults, do not assume we ain't doing nothing at all. When people are busy and working hard, you do not see it at all.

Oh dear, I had just injured myself yesterday when walking along the carpark after picking up my daughter. This injury, which I had it before, was 12 years ago - twisted ankle.

I have no idea how it happened, it just goes like that! I can even feel bones seem to fall apart when I twisted my ankle. The pain was terrible, but I am still able to walk tho; but slowly.

Decided to get myself a day of MC today, but due to work required, I started to head back to work till 2pm before seeing the doc and get it tui na.
I was awarded 2 days MC from the western doctor; pain wasn't there after a while, but I still go ahead to Chien Tow, Jurong East.

I have never cried in pain before, but this time round, it proves me wrong totally.

Although I do not feel much pain already, when the masseur pressed on the certain points that really hurts, I cried in pain... tried enduring throughout the session but it is unbearable. At least it proven that I did injured it seriously. Now, having my ankle bandaged, I felt relieved totally.

Remember, you will suffer if you decided not to get it done. Such money is not meant to keep; health is.

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