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Monday, October 3

The new theme look

Give me some times to think about it, should I change this theme to the blogger's?

I login to Blogger and viewed it's dynamic view theme and it really shocked it! It is so nice and beautiful! It is almost the type of blog that I wanted years ago.

Alright, blame and shame on me for not learning on the coding, ok?

Anyway, if you click onto my Parenting Blog, you will see the new look by Blogger and I am so amazed that it look so much neater.

Right now, I am using the sRGB monitor default setting and the whole color look terrific! Why? Why do I have the calibrator tool, and yet the whole photos look a bit off? While viewing, I am so sad that most of the photos are too red! I totally cannot accept my work tho.

I have more to blog, but maybe, later on.

Cheerios and have a Good Monday week!

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