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Thursday, October 13

New messenger to share

Thanks to my dear friend, Tan, who found this incredible apps 1-2 weeks ago.

The main reason is because of group chat up to 20 friends, whereas whatsapp, is only 10 people max. Importantly and bonuses, funny and nice emoticons.

This indeed make the entire messengers even lively.

When you are out there, shake it, as it mentioned on the add contacts, you might be able to look out for people nearby using Line as well. How interesting and so cool about this wonderful idea, huh!

But, you might have to be careful, strangers can add you too! And, there's no notification to agree or decline if anyone wanted to add you. It will be in your messenger contact list automatically after someone added you.

You might not be able to find the correct person too, so by having the ID is important. Please get yourself register too. Although it mentioned you can find through who is using Line in your contact list, it might be accurate at all. I tested it out and it really prove.

Overall, this is a good apps and moreover, it is free! Please get it download now, and start chatting!

Suitable for iPhone and Android too!

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