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Tuesday, October 25

Mine inventory

My new added stuff!
Head unit upgraded to 4350.

Having this DVD HU is great, I can put in the education show for my kids to watch in car while traveling. They have no choice but to sit still and watch it throughout. It is pretty hard to get them down and watch at home, especially to my elder daughter.

Thus, I decided to get the headrest monitor as well. This is to prevent Cait from twisting her body to the side and watch the show in front.

This is so much like Inflight Entertainment, huh!

New inventory for my car - head rest monitor for kids to enjoy.

Having said, I decided to add an amp and woofer too. I, a person who enjoyed music so much, finally decided to add in the woofer with the original amp.

No, there's no need for you to get into brand like Focal, Audison and such.. unless you are pretty loaded, of course.

For me, it is just a basic things to enjoy the music. When you want to get into serious on music, you can consider much higher end, but remember that you have to do sound proof too.

I will, rather put the money for a good cause. At least putting it for charity or for home audiophile. =)

This is a never ending story, do not get yourself poisoned.
Monitor Precision Amp

The back look of the amp


West Coast by Orion woofer.

Sound not bad tho, had it tuned to my own liking.

Remember - to get what you want is your own liking and not others. We have different taste of music.


Woofer installed

Nevertheless, I am super contented now. =)

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