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Thursday, October 6

Good bye, Steve Jobs

Source: Wired
A man that earned the respect from the world, especially the audio, video and design industry. Without Mac, things will not be so complicated.

All the slink design, user friendly OS embrace us to look forward while doing our work.

I am proud to have one of his many products; iPhone and iPad.

The news announced his leaving from this world shocked me when I tuned in to radio station half way of their conversation.

It is quite saddening for an intelligent person to leave so quickly despite his long fighting of cancer. No matter what, he did brought a lot of lights and shine to this world since the first iPhone touch down to this earth.

Some of the link to share

Steve Jobs passed away
Tribute and story of Steve Jobs

Let's hope that Tim Cook can be as intelligent as Steve Jobs; he have a lot of things to catch up as the current CEO of Apple.

Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs.

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