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Sunday, September 11

PS3 Wireless Headset

Finally the wait is over and it hit the shore the day before yesterday!

Every PS3 game lover are dying to get this headset since the announcement for the launch. To make things easier, I shall explain it and yet, short.

Every gamer wanted to listen the sound from the game, and yet, still want to talk to their game mate during multiplayer mode session. In the past, you can only talk via bluetooth without any sound at all, but for this, it is a all in one technology!

It finally break its way through and convince all of us to get it as soon as possible.

Now that it just hit the shore, everyone will be calling or visiting the shop regards to this headset! Time to get busy!

After knowing my friend got the headset when I read it in forum, I am so happy that it is in stock now. So, I went down to the shop at Clementi for more information; but the girl said that it will come only in the evening time! I was so happy about it and quickly put down my name for booking!

Time is ticking until I had the missed call. When the lady picked up the phone and I was happy to hear that it is from the game shop! And she said that the headset is in store now, so I went down immediately to purchase it!

I explained to the lady about the usage for this headset and she was glad to get more information why we, the gamers, are waiting for this headset.

The entire look from this headset is beautiful, cushion is comfortable when playing game. But be prepared to feel hot later on because it is used to cover your ear.

For headphone user, you will not feel comfortable at all because you have already gotten used to it. Whereas for those non hp user, you require more times to get used to it. 

Best yet, it is a close can; the people beside you will not be affected at all. Great to use this and play game at night. Especially when wife or kids are asleep. It is even better than turning on the entire system, but you might not get the real sound due to soft volume.

The headset may seen to be big, but it is pretty light when held by your palm.

Every controls are on the left, whereby you will need just left hand to do all the jobs while the right one still can hold on the controller.

It is a pretty easy to use device. And, you do not required to use the syncing method.

Just plug in bluetooth receiver on PS3, tap and hold on the left side of the headset for 1 sec, the set is turned on follow by a sound heard. The receiver on the PS3 will light up with a blue light.

Any changes made on the set, the small window on the top right, will be shown on the TV screen.

The original PS3 headset box

Inner look from the box.

Wrapped it up nicely.

Ta dah! PS3 wireless headset! Volume can be found on the left (shown on pic: right). Front is for the volume balance while the back; the master.

There's a sound and voice located at this area. (Front of the left)

Notice that there's a fader that you can slide it up or down, which you can balance the audio or the voice (chat) during the mulitplayer session.

This is a good idea for some people who prefer to have either more chat volume or the sound from the game.

For the volume control here, this is the master volume from min to max. (Back of the left)

Allowing the preferred audio you had just balance infront, this is to increase the overall sound.

The mic, when it is not extracted.

The mic, when it is extracted.

The top look of the headset.
It seem to be aluminum; this bring the entire look of the headset to be more futuristic, better than those funky type of look.

The cushion for the head rest.

You can choose to deactivate the virtual surround when playing the game.

The icon on the tv will show you which mode you are in; the circle look alike of the headphone means the virtual surround had been turn on.

This is where you turn on or off the headset by pressing it and hold for 1 sec.

With a tap onto it, the mic will be either turn on or off. Again, the mic icon with a cross shown on the TV means it had been mute.


Overall, the built is good and it is not as flimsy as I thought. You might need to take good care of it. The charging can be used by any USB cable to your adapter. (iPhone charger is the best bet)

For the information about the usage on PC, it might not works for all. Do a trial and error, or borrow from friends first, if they allow you to.

I just used this in the morning when playing BC2 and all I can say, well done. I finally allow myself to hear all the conversations in the game, as well as the bullet shells dropping on the floor! Explosion is wonderful too, you can hear it as if you are in the battle field too.

But, do bear it in mind that, this is just a virtual surround. This cannot be compared to the TRUE surround whereby you have the rear left and right speaker behind you. What I am suspecting for the RL and RR, they might have it panned hard, so that it sound like in the back.

If you hate it so much, turn it off!

You are encourage to blast all the way through, but remember to notice your environment too. Especially the daddies club gamers.

I have yet to try the conversation using the mic. But my friend, who is using this last night, spoke very clearly in my headset. At least you need not to worry about the breaking connection or weak response.

Everything is good.

And, goodbye to bluetooth ear piece!

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