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Wednesday, September 28

Minimalistic is nice

In the past, we love things to be sophisticated; more things to meddle with is fun. Now, everything goes minimal and yet so easy to control.

Just look at the Google+, Gmail (new look) and blogger. They are one good example among the rest. It is so simple, clean and yet niche than before. Even for the buttons too.

At start, I do take times to get use to it. Suddenly I felt that it is as simple as like using a Mac.

But for Blogger, I do think that they must do something for their coding. It is a bit different from last time, whereby it is pretty easier than now. Other than that, I have no other complains at all.

Recently, everyone had been very busy. That goes for my AWAP project, and my daughter weekly portrait! Nevertheless, just stay tuned.

I need some times to clear all the mountains. Priority will be the photobook which my wife had bought the coupon from groupon.

I also need to rearrange some cabling for my computer table and living room AV system.

Going to be a busy moment for me. Sure!

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