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Wednesday, July 6

Know it better

Initially while viewing my twitter yesterday, which is posted by my friend regarding to the so-called Lady Gaga music for the NDP, I thought it is nothing serious until I flipped the newspaper this morning.

Oh my god; as I told myself. Shouldn't they know it better?

While I can agreed that the music is nice, but I truly cannot accept the lyrics! Moreover, the change of lyric for this song is unacceptable unless they get the approval from the record company, or pay up the fees, right?

To me, they should know that editing or whatsoever to the song require copyrights approval, especially the record companies. If not, is that call infringing of copyrights instead?

I learn about these during school days and my previous job; not easy to understand all of them. When you come to that, there are a lot of illegally things we are doing now, by right.

Here's the video:
the author of the video had the embedded removed. Do so by clicking the link instead.

Just 10min a long, I tuned in to the music video and have to say... sorry... the music is nice but not the music. I rather have Kit Chan - Home instead.

But, really.. what's up with fun pack huh?

Actually, someone had been doing this too... just a matter if he did so by doing the legal way or not. I chose not to comment so much because I enjoy reading his blog too. LOL.

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