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Saturday, July 16

Ever since...

Where's the time I used to have?

It is so different and difficult now to do what I wish for. Just for an example, the walk along the railway track. The train operation had ceased for about a month, and I am staying right in front of the track.

But, I just cannot afford the time out to go down to take a photo! Well, to be exact, it is not just that. The main aim is to bring my darling daughter down as well. The entire walk will take about 2hrs? I reckon.

As we have some plan going on the same day, it is hard to continue the plan initially. But what sadden me is the removal of tracks on Monday. I wonder if this area is affected or not!

Everything just clamp together and what I wish for will not turn out smooth.

What can I do? I guess I can only blame myself for not making the effort at all and I do not think that the rest can never understand what I feel.

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