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Friday, June 24

Thanks, Pam

I am glad that Pam allowed me to read her blog still, despite it is only via invitation. 

I was wondering why there's no image to be seen when reading it via google reader until I went into her blog; the invitation sentences. Hence, I contacted her via twitter and.. ta dah...

To be frank, I am no fans of her, but her blog is quite interesting to read. At least better than here.

She is getting marry real soon, thus updating myself about her via the blog. Although we never meet each other or having msn, I am truly excited about her preparation. Just like during the time for mine.

Don't you find it interesting to read up about someone you been reading their blog, from single or attached to marriage.. maybe... with a kid too!

Once again, thanks Pam for permission once again.

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Pam Song said...

Thanks for reading! =)

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