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Wednesday, June 22

One after another

Is it the sign or what. I had some issue from my car.

First, when I sent my car in for servicing, the guy mentioned that the fan coil is spoil and it is advisable for me to change it. But the cost is not in my favor tho; it will burn my pocket for sure; the price quote is $400.

I was told that the air con gas been pumped in, will leaked no matter what. How long it will take to stay in there depend on the hole itself. They had the meter shown to me, it kept on falling no matter how much they had it pumped in.

Now, the air con in my car is not getting cold again. This is so frustrating.

Then, recently, my car battery just died on me without any warning sign.

I had the feeling that it will died on me when I first started the car in the morning. The start up is pretty weak. Until when I want to go home from work; that's when the issue appear. It died.

Thanks to my boss, he helped me by jump start my car using his car battery.

I reflected this issue to my friend and was told to go his house for checking. Was it lucky or not, the car died again, and my friend rushed down for my rescue. After the thorough check, he determine that the battery need to change, and luckily for me... it is not alternator.

Hence, called up to KB from SHC forum. I requested to get the battery immediately with higher amp, which is recommended by my friend. KB stayed at Yishun, so he reached my house within 30min as promised.

The changing is fast and I trusted this brand a lot for a long time. Amaron.

I am glad that the car is alive once again. With higher amp, the sound system seem to sound even nicer than before. I am so happy. If only, I have the mono block for the woofer, and with the new Pioneer 4350 head unit.
To be frank, I do hope to get the focal amp for the woofer. I do not require any amp for my speaker because it is good enough already.

Is there any kind soul who want to chip in for my in car entertainment system?

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